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Real Women Radio Foundation is expanding!  Do you like meeting new people and enjoy being an influence for change? Real Women Radio Foundation is looking for hard-working, energetic, outgoing people who are interested in registering qualified applicants to vote in Escambia, Okaloosa, and Bay Counties. Part-time Compensation: $20.00 per hour. Work at least 5 hours per shift and 20 hours a week. **This is a temporary position**


Position Overview: Canvassing requires engaging with the general public; you must be courteous and considerate of everyone with whom you interact. Canvassers must participate and complete all required training.


Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and have a valid form of identification. Canvassers must have flexible schedules and should be able to work at least 10 hours a week, preferably weekdays or weeknights as well as weekends. Must have reliable transportation. Must be outgoing, honest, and hard-working and have the ability to work outside and walk/stand for extended periods of time.


Basic Qualifications: Speak, read, and write in English. Maintain a clean and professional appearance. Have a basic understanding of grassroots campaigning. Have the ability to work long days and walk outside, sometimes under harsh conditions The ability to work successfully in a team. Strong interpersonal skills. High ethical standards. Must possess an iOS or Android cell phone.


Job Duties: Driving to canvassing locations. Approaching and talking to people in malls, on the street, at events, and in their homes about the petition. Obtaining signatures and personal information for electoral parties and businesses. Maintaining a professional appearance. 


  • Canvassers must maintain and meet daily, weekly and monthly quotas
  •  Persuade individuals to become involved in the voting process
  •  Stay current on changes in messaging
  •  Attend mandatory check-ins on time
  •  Be willing to continually learn and be motivated to improve their canvassing skills
  •  Canvas during the designated times
  •  Follow the CEP script when engaging voters
  •  Document voter responses to surveys accurately
  •  Meet the required number of canvassing contacts
  •  Be available for all agreed work dates
  •  Be punctual


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