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Civic Engagement

The Real Women Radio Foundation recognizes the importance of civic engagement, and through its #BeTheChangeVOTE Campaign, it is providing opportunities for the community to get involved. The campaign is designed to encourage individuals to become active and engaged members of their communities by providing them with the tools and resources they need to make a difference.

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Workforce Development

The Level Up scholarship program is a highly impactful and transformative initiative that is deeply committed to creating positive change in underserved communities. Its comprehensive approach aims to provide individuals with the necessary resources, education, and up-skill certifications to help accelerate their personal and professional growth. The program is designed to uplift and empower individuals and communities by offering them access to education and training programs to help them achieve equitable outcomes and secure gainful employment. By fostering a supportive community, Level Up helps individuals improve their economic status but also helps create a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

Community Academy

The Community Academy is a comprehensive learning resource that provides individuals in the community with the tools and resources they need to become active and engaged members of their communities. Through a series of workshops, training sessions, and other educational programs, the Community Academy helps individuals to understand and navigate the resources available to them. The Community Academy is designed to be an inclusive and accessible educational platform, providing a wide range of learning opportunities to people from all walks of life.

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RWRF Mission

Real Women Radio Foundation is a leading organization in Northwest Florida whose mission is to build economically vibrant and sustainable communities through strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations throughout Northwest Florida. Our programs focus on underserved communities and vulnerable populations.


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